The clinic “MegaDent” uses revolutionary methods of teeth whitening in Moldova, which have no side effects and guarantee an irreproachable result. The newest developments in aesthetic dentistry, which our specialists use in the work, allow to brighten the enamel by 8 or more tones, in just one session.

We use laser whitening, which:

  • Is completely safe.
  • Absolutely painless.
  • Clarifies tooth enamel up to 8 tones.
  • Will help to remove even dark spots.
  • The result is saved for as long as possible.
  • Takes only 30-40 minutes.

The process of clarifying the enamel consists in applying to the teeth a special gel containing a whitening agent that is activated by the action of a pulsed laser. Specialized modern equipment allows the dentist to choose the most optimal treatment for each patient, which allows achieving the desired result in just one short session.