Priority direction of surgery in dentistry is the preservation of the patient’s teeth healthy. In the clinic “MegaDent” qualified dentists carry out tooth-saving operations to eliminate foci of infection near the roots and remove neoplasms. Correction of the oral cavity for prosthetics or implant placement, treatment of diseases occurs using the best materials and modern equipment. The cost of services is reasonable and much lower than in other clinics of the capital.

Advantages of dental surgery

Firstly, it is the quality of the work of maxillofacial specialists who have a lot of knowledge. We give a guarantee on any operation carried out in our clinic.

Secondly, it is a multi-level sterilization of the instruments used for manipulation. It provides the highest degree of safety and eliminates the risk of infection.

And finally – carrying out operations in severe clinical cases, from which other dentists refused. The knowledge of our surgeons, the latest high-tech equipment and methods of performing operations allow solving even the most neglected cases.